Monday, 20 June 2011

Rights and Responsibilities

These should of course go hand in hand.   Unfortunately, in this day and age, rights are uppermost  in most people’s minds and the recognition of responsibilities is conspicuous by its absence.   This is not really surprising as the Trade Unions, third and fourth generation parents, opposition politicians etc are continually informing us of our rights without mentioning our responsibilities.    We have only to examine the number of missed appointments at Doctors’ Surgeries, missed appointments at hospital Out-patients’ departments and even Operation dates.  Failure to return medical equipment (crutches, walking  frames etc.)  when no longer needed.     Fraudulent  insurance claims.   These  are now regarded as fair game and even admired.    How very sad.    
Needless to say, the financial  burden caused by the miscreants is borne by the honest work-horses in society as it always has been.   We have so much to be thankful for in the Western World and there are very many wonderful and honest people around to partly redress the balance.     However, until responsibilities are highlighted by leaders, parents and teachers we cannot fail to continue down the unfair compensation and litigation road to the detriment of our society and to the future of our children.    
Have we gone too far or is there some slight hope that the wheel may turn before it’s too late?

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